DWS Glock Mark II Destroyer


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Please expect lead times of 6 to 8 weeks minimum due to shipping delays and distribution fulfillment on SIDECUTS and Precuts slides.

Our MK II Destroyer slide is nothing more than the full embodiment of our motto: Performance-driven looks and straight forward weapon enhancements.

If you want to display a polished and coated barrel, this is the slide for you. If you don’t have a polished and coated barrel yet, click here <insert link for barrels>! Regardless, with 3 matching side windows and an optional top window, the MK II Destroyer is a slide that is meant to show off every investment you’ve made into it.

With that exposure also comes weight reduction. The Destroyer allows you to run a lighter recoil spring, directing less energy towards the rear of the slide and keeping you on target easier. When it comes to race gun setups, this slide *Destroys* the competition.


Glock Firing Pin Channel Liner SHORTAGE- The Glock firing pin channel liner is a plastic sleeve that aligns the firing pin with the firing pin hole on the slide. When we place your slide in the oven to bake in the cerakote, the heat warps the plastic channel liner and it is no longer usable. 

Due to the pandemic we have been unable to procure channel liners for our slides. Therefore we ask that when you send in your slide, that you also include a glock firing pin channel liner that can be purchased through any Glock parts dealer. We cannot assemble your slide until we receive your channel liner.

Thank you for your cooperation and we hope to find a solution to this issue soon.